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Yoga Immersion Weekend 2017

3rd Annual Yoga Immersion Weekend, April 27, 28, 29 and 30, 2017
All classes are in the Jade studio 
GATC Yoga Immersion Weekend- Your Yoga Retreat “Staycation”
Experience different types of yoga from GATC and guest instructors

Select entire weekend or enroll in individual classes.  
Save $50 by signing up for entire weekend:
Member $240 Non-member $415


Thursday, April 27
5:30-6:45 pm Advanced “Silent” Thermal Yoga with Jen Ridout. 
Explore the power of a non-verbal Thermal Yoga class set to instrumental music.
Members: Complimentary /  Non-Member: $15      REGISTER HERE

Friday, April 28  
4:30-5:30 pm Vin/ Yin with Mary France
For the Yoga Immersion weekend this class will be taught with the soft light of candles to help bring your focus inward.  Half the class will be Vinyasa style and the other half will be restorative Yin done on the mat with props where longer holds deepen the stretch to get into connective tissue.  All-levels
Members: Complimentary /Non-Member $15         REGISTER HERE

6:00-8:30 pm Prayer Mala Bead Workshop with Sarita Shrestha
Discover the magic of malas. Sarita will bring the beads and all the equipment you need to make your personalized prayer mala.  You will learn how to string and tie the mala, the meaning behind each stone, and how they are used in meditation, including the history, significance of the beads, the purpose and the placement.  Learn about the healing properties of gemstones.  You will also receive a Vedic astrology reading based on your birth-date, birth-time, and place. Please provide this information to ( by April 26th. (minimum of 12)
Members $ 65 /Non-Members $ 80                           REGISTER HERE

Saturday, April 29                                                                                                                                              

10:00-2:00 pm Kiragrace Trunk show (Yoga Transition area)

10:45-12:00 pm Introduction to Yoga Sculpt workshop with Marda Zechiel  
Yoga Sculpt is part Yoga and part Strength training.  Performing compound exercises (recruiting multiple muscle groups) participants get an amazing full body workout in an hour. Adding Yoga Sculpt into your weekly routine will reshape your body.  This workshop will break down the basics teaching alignment and safe movement with weights to keep you safe and injury free.  
Members $25 /Non-Members $40                             REGISTER HERE

12:15-1:00  Lunch catered by Fresh Fare (Studio 2) 
 (healthy wraps, salads, fruit and drinks)
Members $10/Non-Members $10                               REGISTER FOR LUNCH

1:15-2:30 pm Meditation workshop with Drew Overholser
Meditation is a valuable tool that can help you manage stress, increase creativity, reduce worry, release muscle tension and tightness, and let go of old thought patterns that don’t serve you. However, developing a meditation practice can be challenging. Attend this workshop with long-time meditator and yoga teacher Drew Overholser, to learn a simple and effective way to meditate. Wear comfortable clothing. You don’t need to bring anything.
Members $25 /Non-Members $40                              REGISTER HERE

2:45- 4:00 Iyengar with Dana Hanizeski
Iyengar Yoga Experience: Connecting to your core through standing postures. Learn to engage your pelvic floor and abdominal muscles by activating from the ground up. You will learn to use your feet, legs and hips the correct way in standing poses. Learning to work the standing postures this way teaches you to build strong postural muscles not only for the yoga room, but for life in general.
Members $25 /Non-Members $40                               REGISTER HERE

4:15-5:30pm Happy Hips and Healthy Back with Elena Haykin 
Prevent low back strain, avoid injury and achieve a supple healthy back. In this workshop we will emphasize the integral connection between the hips, sacroiliac joint, and muscles and ligaments that support them. You will learn practical techniques for practicing yoga and for your daily activity. All levels and abilities are welcome.
Members $25 /Non-Members $40                               REGISTER HERE

5:45- 7:00pm  Sound Off™ Vinyasa with Amy Baker
Sound Off™ deep flow yoga is an innovative journey of flowing movement and sound.  Immerse yourself in the beauty and motion of yoga with a pair of noise isolating wireless LED headphones which lets you hear the instructor at the perfect level while their curated set takes you on a musical journey into sound.  DJ’s by Jillian Keavney.  This class will be vibrant and uplifting with GATC’s Amy Baker.
Members $ 30 /Non-Members $45                               REGISTER HERE

7:30--9:00pm  Dinner Reservation for participants (banquet room at Del Friscos) Please RSVP for your seat at the table by emailing Marda (

Sunday, April 30
12:30-2:00 ABC’s of Inversion: Handstands for Everyone with Amy Baker
If the thought of handstanding makes you want to head for the hills, this class is for you. We'll go over the simple basics with no fuss and get you on the road to inverting. You'll leave feeling challenged, empowered, and ready for the upside-down journey. Beginners welcome
members $30 /Non-Members $45                                 REGISTER HERE

2:15-3:30pm  Backbends that feel good with Michelle Marchildon 
Backbends often strike fear in the heart of many a yogi. To love them is to know them, to make peace with them, and even to be friends with them. While flexibility can seem out of reach, it is also the path to a healthier spine. Come explore how to chase our tail, literally moving our head to our tail, with courage, strength, and as always with safety first.
Members $25 /Non-Members $40                                 REGISTER HERE

4:00-5:00pm Candlelight Vinyasa with Mary France
Slow-paced candlelight Vinyasa class. Suitable for all levels.
Members: Complimentary /Non-Members $15             REGISTER HERE

5:15-6:30pm  Sound Off™ Yoga Nidra with Layne Steege
Greenwoods very own Layne Steege teams up with the Sound Off™ crew to take you to a one-of-a-kind experience that inspires the spirit and calms the mind and body. Utilizing Sound Off™ wireless headphone technology, scientific sound healing with binaural beats, and the ancient journeying tool of guided yoga nidra, this event promotes deep healing on all levels. Using a series of guided visualizations and deep relaxation techniques, this “inner body yoga” is designed to help practitioners move beyond the conditioned mind into a state of expanded self-awareness. By entering into an ultimate rest state and gaining access to the deeper realms of the mind, students can more effectively release tension, anxiety and self-limiting beliefs. Class begins with several minutes of gentle, meditative movement, with the balance of the practice lying Savasana.
Members $30 /$45 Non-Members                                REGISTER HERE


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