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Yoga Immersion Weekend

Fall Into Winter:
A Grounding Yoga Immersion Weekend

November 30–December 2

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$45 Non-members
Jade Studio


Relax and Restore: Yoga Nidra
with Elena Haykin
Experience a deep dreamless sleep where all of the mind activities are at a complete stand-still but your awareness is fully present. By enhancing the relaxation process, the Nidra practice lowers the stress hormones hence strengthening the immune system. It also cultivates a sense of emotional well-being and has a profound positive effect on the entire body. All levels, no preparation required. Wear comfortable loose clothing.
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Flowing in Harmony with the Seasons: Winter Yin Workshop
with Malissa Schwamm
According to the principles of Ayurveda, water is the primary element of the winter season. Step into this 90-minute workshop and experience the water element through the intentional, meditative practice of Yin Yoga. With an anatomical, spinal-focused emphasis on the kidneys and urinary bladder meridian pair, the primary organs which move water through the body, students will gain insight into the deeper connection between the mind, body and spirit. In addition to offering a series of poses to aid in digestion, clearing and stimulation of chi, attendees will gain valuable insight and tips on how to stay healthy throughout the winter months. Class will conclude with a gentle essential oil assist during savasana and a cup of yogi chai tea to leave you feeling vibrant and restored.
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Healing Vibes
with Soozie Kintsler
Nourish yourself with some Healing Vibes. This class will stimulate the senses, cultivate life force energy and calm the nervous system. Learn the therapeutic benefits of DoTerra, Young Living and Edens Garden essential oils and apply them in restorative Yoga Asanas and the meditative Qi gong practice of the microcosmic orbit.
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Fall into Sankalpa
with Soozie Kintsler
Sankalpa is the Sanskrit word for purposeful intention. Intention is living in embodied action, where your heart’s purpose is infused in everything you do. The contemplative practice of meditation, journaling and Yoga Nidra are used to assist you in finding your purposeful, embodied action. Join Soozie as she guides you into a deeper state of being through this powerful practice.
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Get Rooted: Self Discovery Through the Chakras
with Krystal Chestnutt
Explore the psychology of the Chakra System as a model for healing and personal growth. Practitioners can discover why their bodies feel the way they do and bring awareness to how our body’s tension, tightness and ailments show up in our daily life. Join Krystal Chesnutt, ERYT 500hr, in this 90 minute workshop which will include a guided journey through an intense systematic series of yoga asanas to open the chakras, as well as an integrated discussion about the chakra system. Each of the seven chakras will be focused on individually to ensure a complete opening from bottom to top. Learn and use the tools of asana, meditation, reflection, intention and prayer to understand the dynamics of the chakra system which empowers us toward health and a new life. This will be a rigorous asana practice, so come prepared to move!
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Your Brain On Meditation
with Carisa Bañuelos
Relaxing the mind can be a difficult task. We are constantly plugged into our phones, emails, computers, tablets, television and work. When we are in this mind space, we are blocked from knowing and understanding our true needs and from the creativity, inspiration and intuition that abounds within us. Science has now proven that with simple mindfulness practices, you can rewire your brain and release yourself from stress, anxiety and unhappiness. Join Carisa Bañuelos, GATC Yoga Teacher and Director of Mindfulness at The Mind Gym (A Neurofeedback Center), to learn how you can change the wiring of your brain with a mindfulness breath work practice, which can radically change your thinking and begin exploring a life of inner freedom.
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Reduce Stress, Breathe Easy
with Drew Overholser
Breathing is the fundamental exercise of life. When you improve your breathing, you improve your life. Attend this workshop to learn specific yogic breathing techniques (called pranayama) that will assist you to reduce stress, increase breath capacity, balance the autonomic nervous system and even heal past traumas. This workshop includes light movement in addition to seated breathing practice. All levels. Don’t miss this powerful workshop!
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Deep Restoration & Gong Bath
with Special Guest Niki Herzog-White
This magical, live, sound healing experience is the perfect complement to rounding out your weekend. Niki, a gong bath expert and life-long teacher of yoga will guide you deeper into self-awareness and restoration during this two hour event. Your experience will include a series of Yin type postures to open the physical body, a yoga Nidra practice to unlock energy channels and a powerful, healing gong bath to deepen your senses. Some say that the lasting effects of Nidra and gong bath experiences last up to seven days. This is a perfect way to keep energy moving fluidly while offering healing from your weekend immersion.
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Ethereal Happy Hour
Saturday, December 1, 6:15–7:15pm
Enjoy a complimentary chair and foot massage courtesy of Ethereal Day Spa. Champagne cocktails and light snacks will be provided. Relax and enjoy this perfect ending to the day.

Sunday, December 2 12:30–1pm
Enjoy a boxed lunch catered by Backcountry Deli. Available for $13 per person. Order from Malissa Schwamm by November 26.
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