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Greenwood's SPINNING® studio features 55 Star Trac Spinner® Blade ION™ bikes. These state-of-the-art bikes feature strain guage power meter technology for measuring the riders actual power output and using this data to build programs that will deliver powerful benefits.


    The ultimate indoor cycling challenge. This class simulates a variety of terrain and training techniques. These include steep hills, flat roads, bumps, jumps, interval training, sprints, recovery, race day training and everything in between. Come see what your instructor has planned for you today!
  • Endurance Ride

    This class incorporates a variety of cycling skills and drills while working at intensities that are high enough to maintain those hard fought Summer fitness gains, but also low enough to train the body to use fat as its primary fuel, building a strong base for next year's peak. Great music and videos to keep you motivated.
  • Spinning Fusion

    This class combines indoor cycling training, tabata drills and weight training for incredible results in 60 minutes.
SPINNING® Studio Etiquette

It is recommended that you wear stiff soled shoes such as cross trainers if using the baskets on the pedals, or cycling shoes that clip in (you will need an SPD cleat.)

  • Members must be on a bike five minutes prior to class start time.
  • At that time, instructors will remove personal articles and towels from all unoccupied bikes.
  • Please keep conversations to a minimum to provide the best group experience.
  • Please clean your bike after use with provided X-wipes or paper towels and spay cleaner.
  • It is recommended that first time class participants arrive 10 minutes early to receive proper bike set up.

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Questions about SPINNING®?

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Director of Group Fitness

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