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Club Personnel

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Executive Team

Name Position Phone Email
Paula Neubert President / General Manager 303-770-2582 x309
Barbara Lubbers Assistant General Manager 303-770-2582 x317
Dan Gray Chief Financial Officer 303-770-2582 x310
Craig Morgan Executive Director of HR 303-770-2582 x319
J. Madden Managing Partner 303-999-2924
Gene Scholl VP of Maintenance and Facilities 303-770-2582 x307

Group Fitness Instructor

Name Position Phone Email
Rob Blue Group Fitness Instructor and Drill Instructor

Business Team

Name Position Phone Email
Danielle Battles Club Ambassador 303-770-2582 x300
Erin Klatskin Member Accounts 303-770-2582 x313
Art Thomas Senior Staff Accountant 303-770-2582 x390
Joe Terry IT Engineer 303-770-2582 x321
George Twombly Club Ambassador 303-770-2582 x300
Alex Warren GATC & GTS Admin Asst. 303-770-2582 x322

Membership Team

Name Position Phone Email
Sheri Warren Director of Sales and Retention 303-770-2582 x320
Tiffany Levine Director of Marketing and Public Relations 303-770-2582 x305
Charles West Membership Advisor 303-770-2582 x351
Drew Overholser Membership Advisor / Yoga Instructor, MA CYT 303-770-2582 x374
Christine Morris Membership Advisor / Certified Barre Instructor 303-770-2582 x306
Peggy Gadway Graphic Designer 303-770-2582 x358
Shane Fryer Designer

Member Services

Name Position Phone Email
Lisa Thomas Director of Member Services 303-770-2582 x284

Group Fitness

Name Position Phone Email
Andrea Morris Director of Group Fitness 303-770-2582 x312

Maintenance Team

Name Position Phone Email
Jose Revollar Director of Housekeeping 303-770-2582 x311
Larry Nelson Director of Maintenance 303-770-2582 x318

Kids Club

Name Position Phone Email
Julie Staley Youth Programs Coordinator 303-770-2582 x287
Maria Barta


Name Position Phone Email
Ron Steege, USPTA Director of Tennis 303-771-2588 x394
Kristi McCauley Office Manager / Program Coordinator 303-771-2588 x278
Suzette Riddle, USPTA Head Tennis Pro 303-771-2588 x280
Dan Magee, USPTA Tennis Professional 303-770-2582 x420
Gay West, USPTA Tennis Professional 303-770-2582 x365
Kavan Hahn, USPTA Tennis Professional 303-771-2588 x279
Mary Lynn Garger, USPTA Tennis Professional 303-771-2588 x293
Peggy Bernardis, USPTA Tennis Professional 303-771-2588 x282
Rhona Kaczmarczyk, USPTA Tennis Professional / Dietitian 303-771-2588 x281
Joe Edles, USPTA Tennis Professional 303-771-2588 x371
Theo Teryazos, USPTA Tennis Professional 303-771-2588 x290


Name Position Phone Email
Sara Talbert Director of Pilates 303-770-2582 x375
April Andersen Pilates Instructor 303-770-2582 x294
Amy DiRuzzo, PT, DPT Pilates Instructor 303-770-2582 x356
Ann Daxberger Pilates Instructor 303-770-2582 x406
Meghan Armstrong Pilates Instructor 303-770-2582 x354
Molly Sanders Pilates Instructor 303-770-2582 x411
Charlotte Gifford Pilates Instructor 303-770-2582 x399
Ashley Babb Peak Pilates Instructor 303-770-2582 x413
Alexis Theis Pilates Instructor 303-770-2582 x405
Dawn Holles Pilates Instructor 303-770-2582 x408
Roberta Hughes Certified Pilates Instructor 303-770-2582 x455
Rife Hilgartner Pilates Instructor / Personal Trainer 303.770.2582 x389
Pam Oliver Pilates Instructor / Personal Trainer 303-770-2582 x373
Sherri Fast Pilates Instructor / Graphics Administrator 303-770-2582 x337
Justin Farrell Certified Rolfer 303-770-2582 x392
Miguel Ramirez Muscle Activation Technique Specialist 954-744-6091


Name Position Phone Email
Malissa Schwamm Yoga Manager 303.770.2582 x324
Tambra Betts Yoga Instructor
Peggy Bloom Yoga Instructor
Lara Conrad Yoga Instructor
Elena Haykin Yoga Instructor
Tonya Zwaanstra Yoga Instructor

Nutrition Services

Name Position Phone Email
Kristin Burgess, RD Registered Dietitian / Personal Trainer 303-770-2582 x382

Personal Training

Name Position Phone Email
Vivian Griggs Personal Training Coordinator 303.770.2582 x301
Lana Betti Personal Trainer 303-770-2582 x344
Kelly Buresh Personal Trainer 303-770-2582 x370
Shaun Cook Personal Trainer 303-770-2582 x368
Kelly Devereux Personal Trainer 303-770-2582 x404
Kim Galbreath Personal Trainer 303-770-2582 x308
Nicholas Li Personal Trainer 303-770-2582 x397
Kevin Hughes Personal Trainer 303-770-2582 x298
Stuart Kershner, PT, MPT, OCS 303.770.2582 x393
Michael Huntoon Personal Trainer 303-770-2582 x422
Dennis Miller Personal Trainer 303-770-2582 x367
David Nutting Personal Trainer 303-770-2582 x376
Brian Sims Personal Trainer 303-770-2582 x379
Brian Holland Personal Trainer 303.770.2582 x412
Brandon Smith Personal Trainer / Martial Arts Conditioning 303-770-2582 x377
Vic Spatola Combat Zone Manager and Personal Trainer 303-770-2582 x339
Josef Talbert Personal Trainer / PWRFIT Manager 303-770-2582 x396
Ken Washington Personal Trainer 303-770-2582 x372
Aubree Wenning Personal Trainer 303-770-2582 x416
Karen Zareck Personal Trainer 303-770-2582 x381


Name Position Phone Email
Crystal Garland Director of Aquatics 303-770-2582 x325

GTS Swim Team Coaches

Name Position Phone Email
Genevieve McNally GTS Head Coach 303-770-2582 x407
Alan Whitaker Senior Coach

Combat Zone

Name Position Phone Email
Matt Cram Instructor 303-770-2582