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PWRFIT delivers functional training movements in a circuit style format to create a high energy, calorie burning, muscle-building workout with professionally mixed music.

PWRFIT PRO Take your PWRFIT to the next level, with a harder, faster, stronger version!

PWRFIT SPORT - PWRFIT with increased speed, agility, quickness and strength drills that will improve your athletic ability and performance!

GATC is thrilled to offer a small group personal training experience like no other, using a high speed treadmill (30mph and 30% incline), jump machine (980lb weight stack), and cord training for loaded and unloaded work. The equipment and special system of training are guaranteed to increase speed, quickness, agility and strength.

PWRFIT Sport Classes are for every athlete:

  • Introduction to High Speed Training 
  • Improve Running Mechanics
  • Basic Athletic Skill Building
  • Hand Eye Coordination Skills
  • Improve Footwork Speed
  • Increase Core Strength
  • Increase Lower and Upper Body Strength
  • Improve Confidence On and Off the Field
  • Plyometric
  • Prepare for Higher Level of Sports

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Josef Talbert
PWRFIT Manager

303-770-2582 x396