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Pilates at Greenwood is the prime location for Pilates in Denver, Greenwood Village and Cherry Hills Village. Open to all, our instructors are knowledgeable, helpful and available. Greenwood has two fully equipped studios of dedicated space; one for equipment based classes and one fully equipped for private training and continuing education with a teacher trainer on staff. Our vast equipment is kept in immaculate condition and we teach in a fun and safe environment. It is our mission that our members and guests leave Pilates getting what they want and what they need.

Private & Semi-Private Lessons

Greenwood Pilates - It's like a playground for grown-ups.

Pilates is an energizing workout based on six principles: concentration, control, centering, flowing movement, breath and precision. People find that Pilates helps with balance, strength, coordination and flexibility. Doing Pilates on a regular basis may even prepare your body and mind for the rigorous demands of daily life. Results may vary.

Show Private & Semi-Private Lessons
  • Pilates Private Lesson

    In a Private Pilates session, you experience a 55-minute session tailored to your body and desired focus using all of the equipment. A private session allows a unique whole body experience of discovery and awareness, while strengthening, toning and increasing flexibility. Introductory Package: new to our studio? Enjoy a three or five lesson intro pack at 20% off to get you started. Contact Sara to learn more »
  • Pilates Semi-Private Lesson

    Want to share your Pilates session with a friend or spouse? Try Semi-Private Pilates sessions! We offer Semi-Private Pilates that accommodates two-four clients where you work out simultaneously under the instruction of a Pilates teacher using all equipment. Semi-privates are a great way to lower the cost of Pilates and motivate you and your partner to continue your movement practice. Contact Sara to learn more »
  • Pilates Luxury Experience

    Get a taste of Pilates in our fully equipped studio.

    Day 1 Reformer
    Day 2 Chair
    Day 3 Cadillac
    Day 4 Mat
    Day 5 Arm Chair, Core Align, Barrels, Sandbag, Foot Corrector

    Single $380, Duo $260 (Each)
    Single or duo session only. Repeat purchases allowed. Must come five days in a row. Time of day may vary.
    Contact Sara to learn more »
  • Cancellation Policy

    Cancellations: All cancellations require a minimum of 24 hours notification prior to the scheduled appointment. The full-posted price of the session/class will be charged for late cancellations.

    See Cancellation Policy

Pilates Class Descriptions

Pilates Equipment Classes are a convenient way to exercise in a group setting (max eight people) with individualized attention. Get a total body workout at an affordable price in 55 minutes (minimum of 3 private lessons required before enrolling in equipment classes).

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  • Pilates Class Descriptions

    Advanced Reformer: This class focuses on flow and is taught following the classical progression at a quick pace.

    Cycle/Run: Take some time to prepare your body, avoid injury and misery, and feel great on the slopes by focusing on your balance and strengthening your quads, hamstrings, glutes, inner & outer thighs, calves, abs, back and let’s not forget our arms! 

    Executive Reformer: Power up your lunch hour. This class is for those short on time wanting to get in, get out and get it done with intensity.

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    Equipment Brunch: Did the weekend get the best of you? This mid-morning class combines the best stretchy and strengthening elements of Pilates. We aim to move your body and sweep away the worries and cobwebs of the week while you “brunch” on all of the equipment.

    Mat Class:
    The mat work is the entry into Pilates and includes numerous exercises of varying difficulty and progression that are designed to stretch, strengthen and improve body alignment. Mat with Props is taught using power circles, balls, Thera bands etc.

    Mat Express: A 45-minute classical mat class taught with transitions and flow.

    MVe Class: MVe stands for MOVE! The chair is used to challenge balance and strengthen the entire body. The Pilates Chair is smaller and extremely versatile. Joseph Pilates goal was that every home in America would have a Pilates Chair in the living room so you could exercise while watching television. This class is often accompanied with music and has evolved from its wooden counterpart providing a challenging and energizing workout. 

    Mixed Equipment Class: This class utilizes a mix of equipment: chair, tower, mat, barrels and reformers. Requests are welcome.

    Pilates Basics: Did you just finish your intro pack? This class is suitable for beginners, those with restricted movements and those recovering from injuries. Additionally, you will learn the basic restorative reformer exercises and how to operate the reformer, preparing you to take more advanced Pilates classes.

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    Pilates Express: GET IN, GET OUT, GET HOME! Waiting for the kiddo’s after school activity to finish up? Work meeting finish earlier than expected? This class is for those looking to recharge their late afternoon. This Reformer Express option has cardio, toning and stretch in a 45 minute format.

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    Reformer for Athletes: This class is designed to repeat motions you do while out on the trail, on the bike, in the water or simply put, while in your element. Focus is on strength, awareness, balance and uniform development of the body preventing lopsidedness.

    Reformer Class:
    The most widely known and versatile apparatus. Its unique combination of springs, pulleys, straps and sliding carriage make it an incredibly valuable and useful piece of equipment to strengthen the powerhouse (core) and increase flexibility.

    Reformer Flow: The value of the order is such that once you begin this workout, that’s it. There’s no stopping in the middle…or skipping things you don’t like…or doing 1/2 of your exercises…This class is for those who feel compelled to finish what you’ve started.

    Run Stretch: This class begins with a running warm up outside (daylight and weather permitting) otherwise on the indoor track followed by running drills, sprints, and intervals. The second part of class is done on the Pilates equipment using the reformer or tower for core activation and STRETCH!

    Total Body Reformer Jump: A high intensity, low impact class for those looking to take the Pilates Principles (Concentration, Control, Breathing, Precision, Flowing Movement) to the next level with a heart pumping, full body workout.

    Tower Class: On this apparatus, arms, legs and the trunk are challenged against the various spring tensions and positions achievable on this equipment.

  • Class Levels

    Beginner: Foundation exercises are taught with order, flow and transitions
    Intermediate: A class building upon beginner exercises with order, flow and transitions
    Advanced: A stamina building class structured upon intermediate exercises with order, flow and transitions

  • Pilates Cancellation Policy

    To avoid being charged, we request a 24-hour notice before canceling for private lessons and classes.

    See Cancellation Policy

Pilates Programs/Workshops

Unique Pilates programs include Strengthen and Lengthen, Pilates for Teens and Pilates for Tennis.

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  • Fall Into Running

    Run injury free using Pilates principles. Get through the holidays and start the new year off in great stride! Spend 40 minutes outside and 20 minutes inside. Read more »
  • Strengthen and Lengthen

    Get the best of both worlds by integrating Personal Training and Pilates into a one-hour long session. Read more »
  • Back Fitness

    Use a Pilates-based approach to decrease back pain, strengthen your core, improve posture and maintain a healthy back. Register »
  • Pilates 201: Intermediate Reformer

    Learn intermediate Pilates reformer exercises and prepare to take more advanced Pilates classes. Join Sherri Wednesdays and Fridays from 11:00am-12:00pm, Register online or call 303-770-2582 x337.
    Read more »
  • Pilates for Teens

    This program promotes a healthy active lifestyle among children ages 11-16 by using the Pilates reformer. Boost selfconfidence, improve body awareness and inspire an early love of movement, that will serve as the foundation for a healthy way of life. Read more »
Pilates Teacher Training
Get certified with Master Instructor Sara Talbert. Greenwood Pilates offers Pilates teacher training and continuing education credits.
Show Pilates Teacher Training
  • Pilates Teacher Training

    Greenwood hosts teacher training for people wanting to become Pilates Instructors and for those looking to further their Pilates Education through Peak Pilates. Greenwood hosts Peak Pilates continuing education programs throughout the year.
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  • MAT

    MAT (Muscle Activation Techniques) is a revolutionary approach to the assessment and correction of muscular imbalances, joint instability and limitations in range of motion. MAT is designed to balance the muscular system for people of all ages and jumpstart the muscles in order for them to function. $125 per session.

    Contact Miquel Ramirez, 954.744.6091 or to schedule a session. Read more »

  • Structural Integration and Rolfing

    Structural Integration and Rolfing were developed for the chronic aches and pains that don’t stop you but keep you from being who you truly are. By aligning the body and getting each joint to operate in its most efficient position, we reduce pain, increase mobility, and carry ourselves with a more elegant presence. You will truly see and feel the difference! Read more »
  • Cranio Sacral Therapy

    CranioSacral Therapy is an excellent preventative practice for:
    • the entire family; infants-seniors
    • all body systems including the immune, musculoskeletal and central nervous systems
    • recovery from a traumatic injury
    • improved healing
    • mental clarity
    • relief of physical and emotional stress
    • great for preparation of a race or competition
    Read more »

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