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Kids Tennis

Youth Tennis Programs
Youth Tennis Programs
These are grassroot programs for young kids which often utilize adaptive equipment and make learning this life-long sport of tennis easy and fun!
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  • Future Stars

    Ages: 4 - 6 years

    Hey four to six year olds, it's time for you to experience the program of your lifetime! These tennis classes will emphasize basic skills, hand eye coordination, tennis etiquette and FUN! See flyer here »

  • Quickstart Tennis

    Ages: 5 - 7 years
    QuickStart offers quality instruction, reviewing all of the basic strokes in an enthusiastic and fun environment. Modifications, such as non-pressurized balls, appropriate size racquets and smaller courts will assure your child will have success.
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Junior Programs

We've reformatted our entire curriculum with new programs designed specifically to meet the needs of any junior player. Our Development Programs concentrate on basic skills based on the player's age and level. Tournament players will grow and be challenged in one of our Competitive Programs with a proven modern method of development.

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  • Player Development

    Ages: 8-12

    This class is perfect for the child who is a complete beginner up through the novice level player considering the early stages of tournament play. Fundamentals of all grips, groundstrokes, net play, serve, return and play will be covered through a progression of skills.

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  • JV High School Training

    Ages: 13-18 years

    This program is designed for the teen aged player with limited experience and the hope of joining a high school team. Basic fundamentals of all strokes, rules, court positioning for singles and doubles as well as tennis etiquette will be covered.

    See flyer here »
  • Tournament Players Program

    Ages: 10-16 years

    We're more dedicated than ever to help aspiring tournament players to reach a new level! A variety of feeding, ball machine and live ball drills will be used to provide repetition and reinforcement on the skills that will ensure we are developing game ready players. You must be an active Challenger or Championship level tournament player to participate in this class.

    See flyer here »
  • Varsity High School Training

    Ages: 14-18 years

    This program is for current Varsity level high school players. These participants are generally active Satellite and Championship level tournament players and are looking to improve consistency with all strokes, develop more efficient footwork patterns, increase racquet speed and improve their tactical awareness in all areas of the court in both singles and doubles.

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  • Junior Match Play - Intermediate Levels

    Ages: 10-13 years
    Players are rotated in to singles and doubles matches by a staff professional. Players will focus on scoring correctly, tiebreakers, doubles movement and basic singles doubles strategy.

    This program will return in Fall 2017

  • Smash and Splash Mid-Week Mini-Camps

    Ages: 4-8 years
    All four to eight year old tennis and swimming STARS of the future...sign up now for the Greenwood Athletic and Tennis Club Smash & Splash Program. These two lifetime sports are taught by enthusiastic and experience tennis and swim instructors. A back to-back activity consisting of 35 minutes each of tennis and swimming. As an added bonus, a healthy snack and drink is provided for each participant.
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  • QuickStart Weekday Mini-Camps

    Ages: 5-8 years
    QuickStart offers quality instruction, reviewing all of the basic strokes in an enthusiastic and fun environment. In addition to the lessons which will occur during the first hour, participants will have a chance to compete against each other for the last half hour of each class. The USTA endorsed QuickStart format, which advocates non-pressurized balls, appropriate size racquets and smaller courts will assure your child will have fun and success.
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  • Summer Tennis Camps

    Ages: 7-14 years

    This popular summer program returns with six three-day sessions and two four-day sessions. This program is perfect for beginner to intermediate level players. We base our camp on balance...good tennis and great fun! We encourage and teach our campers to truly understand stroke fundamentals and basic match play strategies. More than anything, we want our campers to enjoy this lifetime sport long after they leave camp. Get ready to have fun and see your game improve! 

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  • Junior Team Tennis

    Ages: 9-18 years
    This is one of the best opportunities during the summer for juniors to get competitive matches against comparable levels while learning and having fun! Two weekly practices and one match is held each week. Player evaluations will be held in May, matches start in June.

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