Ladies Locker Room Remodel Update May 26

We had a slight delay in the completion of the main dry vanity which pushes back the timeline approximately one week. Please see the adjusted timeline below:

PHASE 1 – Main Dry Vanity
Necessary changes were made which delayed the project. Expect another week to complete.

PHASE 2 – Temporary Shower Build out
Approximate start date – June 6
Five days to complete.

PHASE 3 – Showers/Whirlpool
Approximate start date – June 13
Estimated opening – mid September.

PHASE 4 – Wet Vanity
Estimated start date – September 15
Approximately three weeks.

We will continue to close the women’s locker room at 9:00pm through Friday, June 3 to allow for the finishes to the Main Dry Vanity. Thank you for your patience.

Locker Room Remodel May 20

The women’s locker room dry vanity remodel is slightly ahead of schedule:

  • Millwork and solid surface tops are complete
  • Wall tile is complete • Mirrors have been field measured and will be installed next week
  • Paint, carpet and base all to be completed next week
  • Final inspection scheduled for Thursday, May 26

Unfortunately, the vanity lighting in the dry vanity is temporary. The selected lighting has been delayed so, to stay true to the construction schedule we opted for temporary lighting until the selected fixtures arrive. Thank you.

Women’s Locker Room Remodel Update – May 13

Phase 1 is on schedule. Progress inspections have been scheduled and completed:

  • Paint started
  • Lights have been installed
  • Millwork (counters and solid surface tops) are scheduled for install on Monday
  • An additional temporary dry vanity was installed (great idea from a member) to allow for more vanity space during Phase 1.

We are still anticipating install of the temporary showers on Tuesday, May 31 and will be approximately five days to complete.


Ladies Locker Room Update May 6, 2016

Demolition of the dry vanity started Monday, May 2 at 9:00pm. As a reminder the women’s locker room will close Monday – Thursday at 9:00pm (one hour early) for all of Phase I. This allows the contractor to get a full night of work before opening at 5:00am.

In addition, inspections may require us to shut down the women’s locker room for up to 30 minutes at various times of the day. We are usually given a window the morning of the inspection and will immediately post signage.


  • Added a free-standing ironing board as the built-in is located inside the construction zone
  • Added curling irons and blow dryers to the family locker room
  • We are removing the faucets, soap dispensers and mouthwash dispenser at the three sinks in the wet vanity area and placing a counter on top of the sink to create more dry vanity space. This was a member’s idea….great idea!
  • Project is running smoothly and on time

Finding the Motivation to Exercise

The facts are clear and you are completely sold on the benefits of exercise. In fact, you can probably quote the top 10 reasons why exercise is the best thing you can do for yourself every day. crossovercableYou may even LOVE to exercise yet still lack the motivation to do so. You may also find that you get started with great intentions for a few days, then life gets busy, you talk yourself out of your workout and before you know it, it’s been weeks and you feel de-motivated again. It can be a vicious circle.

One way to improve motivation is to examine your personal “why”. Give yourself a reason to exercise and your much more apt to do it every day. Your reason for exercise may have to be bigger than creating changes in your appearance or strength. Maybe your why needs to have more to do with things like how improving your health will positively affect others in your life, making you an exceptional employee, boss, parent, partner or friend. Many people find their motivation increases when they sign up for an event, race, bed and breakfast biking trip or hiking vacation. Knowing you have an upcoming event to prepare for is a great motivator to get started. Your why can be as simple as having a workout buddy waiting for you at the gym. Everyone has a different “why”. What’s yours?

Once your find a big enough “why”, the next step is to create a written plan. Those who work out at the same time every day are more apt to create the habit of exercise. In fact, studies show that those who work out in the morning are significantly less likely to allow other things in life to get in the way of their workout. A recent study by Glasgow University found that morning exercise also enhances mood 30% more than evening exertion. Exercise at any time of day, though, is better than none, and consistency is the most important thing. Improve your chances of exercising by placing a written appointment in your calendar like any other important event you wouldn’t miss. When someone asks you to do something else at that time, let them know you have an appointment at that time and plan around it!

The last great motivator is results. Results come with consistency and a solid plan of attack. Create a plan or have a professional trainer create one for you, put the plan in writing, schedule your workouts at the same time each day and the results will come. As results appear, motivation increases leading to more consistency to maintain the results you’ve created. Find your why, create a plan, experience results and watch your motivation soar. See you at the club!

Sheri Warren
Director of Sales and Retention, Member Coach & Personal Trainer

Sara Emmons – It’s never too late to learn something new!

On April 2-3, Sara Emmons, 73, represented Greenwood in the State Masters swimming competition in seven individual events. SaraEvansMastersAccumulating 71 points with her five first place and three second place finishes, Sara helped GATC Masters earn the title of State Champions! Sara, who visited Greenwood three years ago knew right away that this was the club for her.
Sara is not new to challenge. Born in Washington DC during WWII, she has lived and worked in many US locations. Her professional career began in the footsteps of her journalist father, who covered the Roosevelt years for the Washington Post. Immediately after college she wrote feature articles for daily newspapers.  Her career took a few turns; including, a stint as Seaman in the Navy, where she met her husband; administrative and corporate PR work while raising children; and now, full-circle, Sara works part-time from home, editing articles written by members of an International Association.
Sara started swimming in her 40s, but has accelerated and improved since first experiencing the Masters program at GATC. “The Masters here are so fast. I didn’t want to be so slow, as if I was the snail swimming with sharks, it wasn’t fair to hold up the works!”
While many people might be intimidated and give up, she didn’t. Sara, with Crystal’s encouragement, started lessons with Jeanette, then added a class with Cama Jo. Their guidance has helped Sara improve her stroke technique and speed.


GATC Masters Swim Team

Greenwood Masters Swim Team 2016 State Short Course Champions

“The staff is so nice and knowledgeable. I just can’t quit talking about how they raised my confidence level and helped me perfect the strokes. They are so encouraging, you might go in the pool thinking you can’t do anything, but by the time you are out, you think you can do everything!”
Sara now swims with the Masters once a week, and works with Masters Coach, Greg.  “Others see my improvement too; swimmers who have known me since I started here, comment about my improvement. My coaches tell me I learn quickly, but I think I am just doing what I am told.”
“Because I have seen progress and gained confidence, I have no thought of ever quitting. I enjoy it so much. My desire to keep going is fed by that encouragement. Now I want to win!”
It would be easy to settle into a solitary routine, since Sara works from home with international colleagues. Being part of the Greenwood community and swimming breaks up that temptation. While her recent growth and success in swimming may be the most inspiring part of her life right now, she is also active in with the Women of the Word group at Cherry Creek Presbyterian Church.


Ladies…you have waited long enough! We are excited to announce the schedule for the 2016 women’s locker room remodel!

Because of challenges related to men working in a women’s locker room, we have divided the project into phases allowing for areas of the locker room to be open while others are under construction. This will extend the length of the entire project but shorten the length in which any one area will be down.

The project includes closures and remodeling of the following areas:

Main dry vanity – new millwork, solid surface tops, LED lighting, carpet, mirrors and increased number of circuits to minimize any power outages
Small wet vanity – new millwork, solid surface tops, LED lighting, tile floor, mirrors, sinks and faucets
Whirlpool – new tile, jets and jet action, higher horsepower motor, ADA chair lift
Showers – LED lighting, new wall, floor and ceiling tile, 13 showers including one handicap shower, 6’ high walls with hooks outside each shower, full height doors for more privacy and two shower shelves; one for toiletries and one for shaving
Dry sauna and steam will be closed when the showers are under construction

Other additions include the following:

  • Spa level body wash, shampoo, conditioner and lotion in two new fragrances
  • New bottle filler/drinking fountain outside the dry sauna

The remodel is scheduled to begin on Monday, May 2, 2016 and will be phased in the following manner:


  • All work will be performed after hours
  • The women’s locker room will close Monday – Thursday at 9:00pm. Anyone using the club between 9:00 and 10:00pm must use the family locker rooms
  • Approximately four weeks to complete
  • Wet vanity and family locker rooms will be available for hair, make-up, etc.


  • Three temporary showers will be installed in the wet vanity area where the three sinks are currently located
  • This area will be for showering only
    Approximate start date is Monday, May 30; five days to complete


  • The showers, whirlpool, dry sauna, steam and lounge will be down
  • Approximate start date is Monday, June 6 and estimated opening is early September
  • Six family locker room showers and one dressing room will be open to members in addition to the temporary showers


  • The temporary showers will be removed
  • Both sides of the vanity will be remodeled to match the new main dry vanity
  • All work will be performed after hours
  • The women’s locker room will close Monday – Thursday, at 9:00pm. Anyone using the club between 9:00 and 10:00pm must use the family locker rooms
  • Estimated three weeks to complete with approximate start date of Thursday, September 8

We  realize the inconvenience placed on female members during the remodel. Thank you in advance for your patience as we make your club even better!

Please check back here for updates. Owner, architect and contractor (OAC) meetings are held each Thursday and updates will be posted on Fridays, beginning May 6.

Thank you and please contact Paula Neubert, President/GM at 303-770-2582 ext 309, via email at or stop by her office with any questions.


Yoga – Mix It Up or Commit to One Style?

yoga stretchDon’t mix it up? Beginners should sample a few yoga classes to find one style that they prefer and that is right for their level of fitness. Trying many various styles can be confusing when you’re starting your journey into yoga.

As a beginner, the disadvantages of practicing more than one style include:
-getting confused
-risking injury in a class that is inappropriate for your fitness level
-not being aware of how to modify poses that are too advanced or inappropriate for certain injuries

Private yoga lessons are a great way to begin your journey, giving you the foundation and confidence to step into any of our complementary yoga classes.

Mix it up? Step out of your comfort zone and avoid complacency. After practicing a specific style of yoga on a regular basis for at least six months, it’s a good idea to branch out into different styles. Challenge yourself or maybe explore more restorative or meditative styles. If you have been practicing only heated Vinyasa classes, give an unheated Vinyasa class a try. Mix it up and you will be rewarded with even greater benefits. Most styles don’t fit nicely into one specific category. Many of the styles have crossover techniques that improve fitness, mental health and spiritual growth. Some styles are slow and meditative with a focus on breathing and mental concentration, while other styles focus on the physical aspects of poses and fast movements which result in better fitness and flexibility. Practicing both styles, it is possible to gain mental concentration, spirituality and physical fitness.

The benefits of using several yoga styles can include:
-maximizing the benefit to both the mind and the body
-achieving fitness goals while maintaining meditative focus
-maximizing the crossover between yoga styles

A great way to sample different kinds of yoga is during the yoga immersion weekend coming up on April 15, 16 and 17.

Ultimately, it’s a personal decision whether to use one style of yoga or many. For beginners, it may be best to commit to try different options and select a specific style until after learning the poses and basic breathing techniques. Advanced practitioners may be able to balance various styles at one time,resulting in tremendous growth.

If you’re not sure what class to try or would like additional information, send me an email with your fitness level, goals and questions and I will give you a list of classes that would be best for you.

Marda Zechiel, Yoga Manager


Group Fitness Instructors Change Lives

At Greenwood Athletic and Tennis Club, we offer 136 classes each week taught by experienced fitness professionals. We are always looking for more talented individuals to join our team.Group fitness

Our instructors have over 900 years of collective teaching experience, hold national certifications like AFAA, ACE and NASM, have earned certifications in licensed Les Mills and Beach Body programs and have not only pursued numerous continuing education credits, but have also completed over 10,000 hours of shared yoga training. This education and experience, combined with a passion for what we do and who we serve, affords us the opportunity to provide each and every member a truly exceptional group fitness experience.

bodypumptracyWe offer a wide selection of class formats designed to accommodate diverse fitness goals and appeal to a variety of interests. If you’re looking for a total body workout, we offer: Code Green, Breakfast Club, BODYSTEP, SWEAT, Total Body Fit, Cycle & Circuit and willpower & grace.

If you’ve got 30 minutes and want to be better at all that you do from everyday life to your favorite sports, CXWORX is the perfect core workout for you.

For those interested in a total body workout using light to moderate weights with lots of repetition, BODYPUMP delivers.

H.I.I.T. (High Intensity Interval Training) offers seasoned exercisers a new challenge and new exercisers a quick way to see results. We offer: H.I.I.T., INSANITY and CVI.
Yoga provides an opportunity for peace and tranquility achieved through focused training. It can change your physical and mental capacity quickly, while preparing the mind and body for long-term health. We offer: Alignment, Power and Basic Vinyasa classes as well as Classical Hatha, Kundalini, Restorative, Candlelight and Thermal Yoga. We are looking to add Ashtanga as well.

Indospinningpicdennisor cycling classes are known for energy-infused music and motivating instructors who guide you through an imaginary course. We’ve added Performance IQ to increase engagement with participants and provide performance metrics. We offer: Shift Up/Speed up, H.I.I.T. the Road, High Gear,  Ride & Shine and an Endurance Ride.
If you prefer to “Ditch the Workout and Join the Party!”, then Zumba is the class for you. We are also looking for UJAM instructors.

If you have a passion for fitness, helping others achieve their fitness goals and offering a group fitness experience like no other, we would love the opportunity to see if the GATC Fitness Team is right for you. Please submit your resume to: along with any of the aforementioned certifications.

To look for more instructor opportunities at Greenwood Athletic and Tennis Club visit our employment page.

Seven Basics for Fitness

spinThe reason we exist at GATC is for the honor of positively impacting people’s lives. We offer over 130 group fitness classes each week as part of your membership. The types of classes are thoughtfully chosen, the instructors are carefully recruited and the class times are strategically placed with the goal of providing you with the best selection of classes offered at the optimal times that cater to a wide variety of interests and provide ample opportunity for achieving results.

On an average day, approximately 1500 people check into the club. Roughly 30% of those check-ins, or 450 people, attend a group fitness class. So how can you optimize your membership utilizing group fitness to achieve your fitness goals? In this “results-focused” issue, I’m offering Seven Basics for Fitness.

If you’re not having fun or being challenged with your workout, it’s easy to lose interest. Instead of dreading the treadmill, consider one of our many other options. With a nice balance of strength, cardio, balance and flexibility classes to choose from each week, there is great opportunity to find your new favorite. Take advantage of our shorter classes that can be done in combination (ex. Cardiovascular Intervals and CXWORX). If you would like some assistance, we offer complimentary Member Coach services or I’m always happy to help. When you find what you enjoy, you’re more likely to stay consistent and see better results.

Maybe you want to avoid holiday weight gain, fit into a certain dress size, decrease your body fat percentage, cut your mile time, or set a new lifting PR. Map out your plan of attack setting both short-term (30-day) and long-term (three-six months) goals. That plan will help you stay focused and on the path to success. Share your goals with your group fitness instructor so they can help encourage you and keep you accountable.

GATC Registered Dietitian and Personal Trainer, Kristin Burgess, recommends drinking half your body weight in ounces every day. This is on top of replenishing fluids lost during your workout. While the reminder to drink water may sound unnecessary and obvious, it is essential to your health.

No training regimen is complete without the complement of good nutrition. Make sure you eat a consistently well-balanced diet. Dedication to both your training and your nutrition will offer the best results.

Rest is crucial to our fat-loss and muscle-building goals. Lack of sleep raises cortisol levels and hampers proper recovery. Exercise places stress on your body, and it’s your body’s ability to respond to and rebuild from this stress that creates growth, results and body improvement. This is why nutrition and recovery are essential to achieving your fitness goals.

Many dedicated gym-goers fall into a workout rut. Break out of boredom by challenging yourself in new ways. Try new movements, set aside the dumbbells in favor of a barbell or cables, or grab a buddy and try a class. Don’t just set up camp at your usual corner or elliptical. If you are bored with your workouts, chances are your body is, too. Make some changes for a new challenge leading to new results.

None of this information will be of much value if it’s not done consistently. No matter your goal, consistent efforts are rewarded with hard-earned results!

Andrea Morris, Director of Group Fitness