Women’s Remodel Update June 23

PHASE 3 is underway!

  • Temporary showers have been installed and are working. They may require a bit of adjustment as temperatures fluctuate slightly during shower times
  • Seven family locker room showers and one dressing room are available for your use
  • The main dry vanity mirrors have been corrected; we are still waiting for additional magnifying mirrors
  • The LED track lights have arrived and will be switched out on Friday, June 24. The new LED lights will decrease the amount of heat coming from the lights and will brighten up the mirrors for better visibility. The ceiling lights will be dimmed to decrease the back light, therefore reducing shadows and glare
  • Ceiling, walls and slab have all been demo’d. They have begun demolition on the whirlpool
  • Underground plumbing is currently being installed and we anticipate pouring the new slab next week
  • We have a revised trash door for the main dry vanity millwork and will be testing it’s functionality
  • Please use the suit mate located in the family locker room to extract your swimsuit

Thank you for your patience and cooperation as we make improvements to the club. Please do not hesitate to contact me with questions.



Women’s Locker Room Update June 17

PHASE 3 is under way!

  • Three temporary showers have been installed
  • Seven additional showers and one dressing room are available for your use in the family locker room
  • Demolition of the showers and whirlpool started Wednesday, June 15
  • The lounge, dry sauna and steam room will not be available during construction
  • The scale has been relocated in the women’s locker room
  • Please use the suit mate located in the family locker room to extract your swimsuit
  • Access to the pools is through the lower CV area


  • The mirrors have been corrected
  • The LED lighting has been delayed an additional week
  • We are considering options for the trash doors in the main dry vanity millwork

Thank you for your patience and cooperation. Have a great week!

Women’s Locker Room Remodel Update June 14




  • Showers and whirlpool will be closed for remodel
  • No access to dry sauna, steam or lounge during remodel
  • Three temporary showers have been installed in the wet vanity area
  • Seven family locker room showers and one dressing room are
    available for use
  • Start date is Wednesday, June 15.
    Estimated opening early September


  • The temporary showers will be removed
  • Both sides of the vanity will be remodeled to match the new main dry vanity
  • All work will be performed after hours
  • The women’s locker room will closed Monday-Thursday at 9:00pm
  • Anyone using the club between 9:00 and 10:00pm must use the
    family locker rooms
  • Estimated three weeks to complete with approximate start date of Thursday, September 15

We realize the inconvenience placed on female members during the remodel. Thank you in advance for your patience as we make your club even better! Please refer to our construction blog for updates. Owner, architect and contractor (OAC) meetings are held
each Thursday and updates will be posted on Fridays.

Women’s Locker Room Update June 10

The Main Dry Vanity is open!

  • The lighting and mirrors are temporary
  • The new mirrors will be installed on Monday, June 13. The LED strip lighting is still on order
  • We have a punch list of items that need to be corrected. All work will be performed after hours
  • There is a new handicap station with a lower counter and mirror


  • Three temporary showers will be installed in the wet vanity area
  • All work will be performed after hours
  • The temporary showers will be operational on Tuesday, June 14
  • The women’s locker room will close Monday-Thursday at 9:00pm through Monday, June 13
  • The showers will remain until the completion of Phase 3


  • The temporary walls will be installed on Monday, June 13
  • The showers, whirlpool, dry sauna, steam room and lounge will be closed for approximately three months
  • Access to the pools will be through the lower cardiovascular area
  • The three temporary showers along with seven family locker room showers will be available for women to shower
  • Phase 3 will begin with demolition of the entire wet area. All of this work will be performed after hours due to dust and noise. We anticipate a two week demolition

Thank you for your patience and cooperation during the remodel.

Corporate Executives Capitalize Upon the Benefits of Exercise

Are you a corporate executive or manager striving to increase productivity, improve your bottom line and attract high-achieving employees? Start wbusinessDSC_0415ith investing in employee wellness, setting a personal example and encouraging employees to take the time to work out. These are just three important ways that executives can capitalize upon the benefits of exercise for themselves, their employees and ultimately their company.

Research continues to support the fact that fit employees are less likely to get sick thereby lowering health care costs. Employees who take the time to work out have more energy, exude positive attitudes at work, are typically more productive and can handle stressful situations more effectively. Since those who exercise tend to set physical goals they most likely know how to set professional goals as well and will systematically put processes in place to achieve those goals and won’t stop until they do. Finding employees who have these qualities is essential. Why not partner with your local health club like Greenwood Athletic and Tennis Club in Greenwood Village, CO to customize discounts for your employees or better yet, subsidize those memberships to encourage greater participation.

As a leader, every corporate executive should set an example that health and wellness is critical. When corporate executives provide an example to their employees, employees follow suit. Setting time aside to ensure they are fit and healthy will show that they value the same in their employees. Executives who do so will exude the personal benefits of a healthier, stronger, more energetic, positive leader; one who can handle whatever challenges come their way. This will help employees want to do the same and in doing so become the best, most productive employee they can be. Employees who miss less work, have more energy, are more productive, handle stress more effectively, and are able to set and achieve goals will ultimately benefit the company’s bottom line.  Additionally, employees want to maintain balance between their personal, physical and professional lives. Wisely supporting and encouraging them to do so will reap huge benefits to everyone involved; the company, the employee and their families.
Other statistics that show how corporate executives capitalize upon the benefits of exercise are shown below.  Wellness Proposals, a corporate wellness consulting company recently published the following:

  • Employees who exercise regularly and lead healthy life styles incur 31% lower health care costs than employees who live sedentary, unhealthy lifestyles.
  • Almost 50% of medical costs are incurred due to illnesses that can be avoided with small life-style changes.
  • The typical ROI on corporate wellness investment tends to be about $4 to $5 saved for every dollar spent
  • Make the investment in your company. The benefits are substantial and far outweigh the costs.

By Sheri Warren, Personal Trainer, Member Coach and Director of Sales and Retention

Consistency is the Key!

Speak to a variety of fitness professionals about the best way to achieve fitness results and you will get a variety of answers. Let’s face it, there are a variety of ways to improve your health and a variety of workout programs to improve your waistline. The key to actually achieving those results however is one they will all agree upon; consistency! Consistency is critical to obtaining long term, recognizable and sustainSherriWarren and Hollyable results; results that you can see and results you can feel. So make a daily appointment with yourself to take spin class on Monday, workout with your friend on Tuesday, hike with the dog on Wednesday, meet with your trainer on Thursday and take Yoga on Friday. Doing so will do more than decrease your waistline.

Consistent exercise keeps your blood pressure and cholesterol in check, stimulates the mind, shapes and strengthens muscles, tendons and bones, leads to a general feeling of well being, has been shown to increase productivity in other areas of your life and may even help to ensure deeper relationships with the important people in your life. Consistent exercisers tend to live longer, healthier lives, deal more effectively with stressful circumstances and having a more positive outlook on life. Who wouldn’t sign up for that?  Create a written plan or enlist the help of a fitness professional to write one for you, then schedule each fitness appointment in your calendar. Doing so will greatly increase the likelihood that you will stick to your plan. Relying on whether you “feel” like exercising on a daily basis never works. Feelings change but the truth that consistency is the key will remain true whether you feel like moving or not.

Sticking to a written plan that requires consistent exercise allows your body to respond appropriately and the results will follow. Seeing the physical changes and experiencing the emotional changes in overall well-being reinforces your desire to continue with the plan. So go to the club, attend that class and set an alarm for Boot Camp and watch how the wonderful habit of consistently creates the results you’ve been looking for.

By Sheri Warren, Personal Trainer, Member Coach and Retention Manager

10 Essential Tools for Fitness Success

Equip yourself for success with these ten essential tools and virtually guarantee major improvements in energy, strength, health and overall well-being. The good news is that you can find all 10 of these essential tools right here at Greenwood. And if you are not sure how to use any of the following, feel free to ask myself or one of our nationally certified personal trainers. We would be happy to help!

  1. Workout partner (or two!) Studies prove that those who work out with a friend or LowResDSC_6968co-worker are much more likely to achieve their goals and stay consistent with their workout schedule. Call it positive peer pressure but accountability works and consistency improves the effectiveness and speed with which goals are achieved.
  2. Fitness App or Wearable Device One of the industry’s top fitness trends, use of a wearable fitness tracking device like a heart rate monitor, FitBit or use of a Fitness App like MyFitnessPal. Each of these tools are designed to help track the real numbers and keep you aware of exactly how hard you are working or how many calories are expended and taken in each day. The addition of Performance IQ in our spinning classes is another great fitness tool to keep you on track.
  3. SMART plan To achieve any goal you have to have a plan. Just like business plans, your fitness plan should be SMART too. SMART stands for Specific, Measureable, Achievable, Relevant and Time Bound. Specific – schedule specific workouts (strength day, 45 minutes of cardio, yoga class) as appointments in your calendar. Measureable – i.e., determine your current body composition and then track improvements in lean muscle mass and decreases in body fat %. Achievable – set yourself up for success by ensuring your workout plan, while essential, also fits into your life. Relevant – choose workouts that support and lead to accomplishing your overall fitness goals. Time Bound – register for a 5K or ½ marathon, determining a certain weight loss or gain by a special event or date then work backwards from there to set smaller achievable markers to track your progress by.
  4. Water:  One of the most overlooked and easiest tools to ensure improvements in health and performance is the water bottle. Purchase a reusable one like the Greenwood water bottles available at the Service Desk and you’ll be much more apt to have it with you throughout the day. The brain consists of 90% water so when it is deprived of what it needs it does not function well, often leading to headaches, fatigue and even migraines. Proper hydration helps you think better, be more alert and more concentrated. Water supports your metabolism, transports nutrients and oxygen to cells, protects and moisturizes joints, eliminates toxins including the by-products of fat breakdown and provides more energy to your body than caffeine.
  5. Foam Roller: Think of this as personal massage and the best preventer of injury due to overuse and tightness that there is. Foam Rollers are located in the weight room so inquire with a personal trainer or check out YouTube to find out exactly how to use this tool to maintain healthy, flexible, pain free muscles and tendons.
  6. BOSU or other balance stability tools.  Use of tools like the BOSU or balance discs to improve balance, strength, stability and sports performance provide just the right amount of challenge and variety to your workouts. Ask a trainer, go to the BOSU website for exercises or YouTube videos for additional guidance.
  7. Gliding Discs/Tubing: Perfect for those who travel or have limited space at home to workout, exercise bands, tubing and gliding discs provide you the opportunity to work every major muscle group and more.
  8. Positive Attitude: Whether you are someone who looks forward to their daily workouts or not, we all need a positive attitude and understanding of our personal WHY for doing this. Remember that you always feel better after you’ve completed a workout, usually even more so when you almost talked yourself out of it. No matter how you look at it, exercise is beneficial and the sacrifice of time and energy is always worth it!
  9. Qualified Personal Trainer: Invest in the expertise of a qualified personal trainer to ensure the time spent working out is effective, safe and specific to what you are trying to accomplish. Plus, the right personal trainer should also provide the extra motivation you need to push yourself further than you might on your own.
  10. Health Club Membership:  Greenwood Athletic and Tennis Club is just the place for you to create a fit, healthy, strong physique. Here you’ll find every sort of small group studio environment under one roof! With over 130 complimentary classes like Yoga, Spinning, Body Pump, Insanity, strength training and Pilates equipment, programming like Indoor or Outdoor Bootcamps, sports performance and body shaping options, plus the social connections made with like-minded people are perfect for increasing your chances of success.

By Sheri Warren, Personal Trainer, Member Coach and Director of Sales and Retention

Women’s Locker Room Update Friday, June 3

The Main Dry Vanity will be open on Saturday, June 4!

  • The lighting and mirrors are temporary
  • We have a punch list of items that need to be corrected. All work will be performed after hour
  • There is a new handicap station with a lower counter and mirror


  • Three temporary showers will be installed in the wet vanity area
  • Scheduled to begin Monday, June 6
  • All work will be performed after hours
  • The women’s locker room will close Monday-Thursday at 9:00pm through Phase
  • Approximately one week to complete
  • The showers will remain until the completion of Phase 3

Thank you for your patience and cooperation during the remodel. Things have gone very smooth.

Ladies Locker Room Remodel Update May 26

We had a slight delay in the completion of the main dry vanity which pushes back the timeline approximately one week. Please see the adjusted timeline below:

PHASE 1 – Main Dry Vanity
Necessary changes were made which delayed the project. Expect another week to complete.

PHASE 2 – Temporary Shower Build out
Approximate start date – June 6
Five days to complete.

PHASE 3 – Showers/Whirlpool
Approximate start date – June 13
Estimated opening – mid September.

PHASE 4 – Wet Vanity
Estimated start date – September 15
Approximately three weeks.

We will continue to close the women’s locker room at 9:00pm through Friday, June 3 to allow for the finishes to the Main Dry Vanity. Thank you for your patience.

Locker Room Remodel May 20

The women’s locker room dry vanity remodel is slightly ahead of schedule:

  • Millwork and solid surface tops are complete
  • Wall tile is complete • Mirrors have been field measured and will be installed next week
  • Paint, carpet and base all to be completed next week
  • Final inspection scheduled for Thursday, May 26

Unfortunately, the vanity lighting in the dry vanity is temporary. The selected lighting has been delayed so, to stay true to the construction schedule we opted for temporary lighting until the selected fixtures arrive. Thank you.