Women’s Locker Room Remodel Update July 22

Moving forward according to schedule:
•        Continuing with whirlpool install
•        Rough wall and hard lid MEP inspections complete
•        Shower walls (CMU block) complete
•        Fire sprinkler rough-in complete
•        Begin drywall/Durock install next week
•        Begin tile install next week

We are aware of the hot/cold temperature fluctuations in the temporary showers and doing everything necessary to mitigate the problem.

The LED lights for the dry vanity are scheduled for install next week Tuesday.

Thank you, Paula

Running for a Cause and a Cure

Many of you know that I run for exercise, whether it’s on the treadmill in the lower CV area or on the trail west of the club. It’s my peace and sanctuary that allows me to have a few minutes of time to myself and keeps my heart and lungs strong. I used to race (10K, half or marathon) at least once a year but haven’t in a number of years. This year I am running a race to help cure a disease that goes against everything I know and love.
With a degree in exercise science and being the President of one of the top clubs in the industry, I have a strong passion for fitness and moving; ALS is a horrible disease that ultimately keeps you from moving. I have had the privilege to coAugie-Nietonnect with an organization that is fighting this disease and making progress; ALS.TDI and Augie’s Quest. Augie Nieto was the founder of Life Fitness, a company that revolutionized the fitness industry by creating the indoor life cycle and you all know what happened after that….a multi-million dollar industry was created that has helped millions of people across the globe find health and fitness and make positive changes to their lives. Augie was diagnosed with ALS 11 years ago and since 2006 has raised over $45,000,000 to find a cure. I want you all to know, ALS is a curable disease, it’s just been underfunded. ALS.TDI is the scientific research institute that is conducting studies and is making progress toward finding a cure. They just need more money to do it and they need it fast.
I attended a fundraiser for ALS in March and met some more folks that have the disease. One gentleman was diagnosed two years ago and is walking with a cane now. Another was diagnosed in October, and is already in a wheel chair and finding it harder and harder to talk and eat. Needless to say, I counted my blessings, thanked God for the miracles that have occurred in my life over the years and said I was going to do whatever I could to help.
Greenwood Athletic and Tennis Club, along with a handful of clubs throughout the country, have made the mandate to start a team, create a goal for a certain number of runners, raise money aTEAMQUEST_PULSE AD3nd travel to Brooklyn on October 8, 2016 to participate in the Brooklyn Rock n Roll Half Marathon. Of course, the competitive nature running through my veins is helping us strive to have more runners than any other club. We are making this more than a Greenwood team; we created the Colorado Team Quest 4 ALS and are including participants from anywhere that want to walk/run with us to help find a cure for ALS. This is one simple race but if our team hits our goal of 60 runners we will raise $210,000 toward finding a cure.
You don’t have to be a runner to participate and with the help of our resident Elite Runner and Personal Trainer, Tristan Mitchell, you will be able to finish. We will provide you with a program,  opportunities to participate in track workouts, training runs, and mobility classes to help you run pain free. More details about the race and fundraising requirements are located on our website at GreenwoodATC.com or feel free to contact me at 303.770.2582 x309, paulan@greenwoodatc.com or stop by my office.
Join, me, Tristan, Tiffany Levine, Sheri Warren, Joe and Sara Talbert and Shaun Cook and lets show New York what being Colorado Strong is all about!
Learn more and register to run today!

Paula Neubert, President and General Manager
Greenwood Athletic and Tennis Club

Women’s Locker Room Update July 14

Women’s locker room updates:

  • Whirlpool demo is complete
  • Concrete slab was poured
  • CMU block for shower walls in progress and scheduled for completion next week
  • Plumbing rough-in for walls begins next week
  • Ceiling frames complete
  • Electric ceiling install is in progress
  • Calling for rough wall and hard lid MEP inspection early next week

Dry vanity updates:

  • Still working on re-design for the trash doors
  • LED lighting expected to ship on 7/20/16; install soon after
  • Searching for better magnifying mirror due to wall damage and damage to the arm of the mirror

Everything is running according to schedule. Thank you for your patience and cooperation.

Fit Family

When Tony and Natalie Plant first joined Greenwood Athletic and Tennis Club two years ago, “the best part of your day” seemed a rather large promise.
Not anymore.
“I think it is true! We are here almost every day and even had Dylan’s birthday party here.  It is a home away from home.  We hFavorite 2ave gotten to know members slowly over two years and now we know many people.  It is nice to see other parents by the pool or other members in class, to know them on a first name basis and wave “hello” as we walk in the door. It is all very welcoming.”
It is natural for Natalie and Tony to incorporate fitness as a family. In the 15 years they have been married, working out and a healthy lifestyle has been part of their lives.
“Fitness is important – when we don’t work out we feel yucky. We need it emotionally and physically.  We also want to be in good shape and live a long time.  We eat well too and cook together as a family.”
Prior to joining GATC two years ago, they were members at Lifetime Fitness and CORE power yoga.  Natalie was pregnant with her second child when they started their search for a new fitness home.
“I thought I really needed something great to get back in shape.  Greenwood has everything we were getting from two locations.  There is also more of a family and community vibe here.  We just like the atmosphere and energy here.
Dylan (5) wants to come to his tennis lessons with Coach Lisa and basketball lessons with Coach Brian. He asks to come to YAC; the staff members that supervise know Dylan and he knows them.  He feels wanted there and that is important. Both Dylan and Jameson (18 months) take swim lessons, Jameson with her father.”
When asked why Dylan likes basketball, Natalie said: “Coach Brian has a way of talking to them.  He doesn’t treat them like babies.  Coach Brian treats Dylan like he is really playing basketball.”
Tony’s work in commercial insurance  takes him out of town 1-4 days a week, but GATC is often the last stop on the  way to the airport and first stop on the  way home.
With Dylan and Jameson in good hands, Natalie can focus on taking care oFavoritef herself. Yoga classes are her favorite but Natalie also participates in Indoor Cycling, cardio, weights and tennis lessons. Tony mainly utilizes the weights, cardio and yoga. The pool is a family favorite all summer long!
They have so many good things to say about so many staff members. For Natalie, “Amy (Baker) really inspires me with how much she is (successfully) juggling as a mom herself. She is here all the time, teaching, working out.  I look up to that. Lana is also a great example and she feels like a friend to me now. She inspires me to get here more.”
“We want our kids to grow up here.  In addition to school and our Highlands Ranch neighborhood, we want to have GATC as one of the communities where they have friends.”

Women’s Locker Room Remodel June 30 Update

We are making progress:

  • Nearing the end of week three
  • Temporary showers are still fluctuating from cold/hot temperatures. We have determined the line in use is also connected to ink! and to the restrooms so use of sink faucet, dishwasher, etc. is affecting the temperatures. We are looking at connecting to the old shower lines that are currently not in use which would help regulate the temperatures
  • The LED lighting for the main dry vanity will be changed out when it arrives
  • Underground plumbing has been installed and inspected
  • We are laying rebar and will be ready to pour concrete slab next week Tuesday
  • CMU block for the shower walls and wing walls will begin late next week
  • The whirlpool demo will be completed tomorrow

Please remember there are seven family locker room showers and one family locker room dressing room available for your use. Have a wonderful holiday weekend!

Member Success Stories – Marlene Anderson Polmear

Marlene PolmearMarlene is like a kid these days – fully jazzed about her new fitness goals and accomplishments.

According to Marlene, “last December I had an epiphany.  I started watching others who were making real changes in their body and observed what they were doing. I was in a rut and didn’t even realize it! I had been working out consistently for years, but did the same machines – cross trainer or Stairmaster. I was not pushing myself. My workouts were more like — doing my time. I was sweating but I wasn’t doing interval training, using a personal trainer or doing enough variety of exercise and I had plateaued. I connected the dots for myself and thought, I can do this.”

Marlene saw the announcement for the Personal Fitness Challenge starting in January. Marlene thinks she was one of the last people to sign-up because she was so fearful of getting out there, doing something different, even facing the scales and being weighed. “I was a fat kid and my weight has fluctuated as an adult reaching a high of 172 pounds,” said Marlene.

Marlene2DSC_8617Marlene also said that the season timing of the Personal Fitness Challenge was perfect, The post-holiday slump often derailed by best intentions and I knew I needed to get off my routine– I needed to become more social and break out of the mold I had created and challenge myself!

According to Marlene, “It was time for change. At some level I think we all know that, it is just a matter of facing it, recognizing it and doing something about it. It far exceeded my expectations!”

During the first week of January’s personal fitness challenge, Marlene thought she could do more and hired Rob as a personal trainer.   Matt, Sarah, Alex and Rob are wonderful – never taking excuses and pushing me.

Marlene said, “I didn’t realize I loved to be pushed.  They said do this and I would do it and try for an A+ feeling. The whole experience superseded my expectations. I have discovered so many new things about myself.  I had to get off my one machine – being in a rut.  Getting outside my comfort zone and taking on this challenge shook up a lot – for the better.  I am happier, more creative, more energized in all areas of my life. I never knew Power Fit class with Joe was so much fun. I LOVE the classes in the Small Group Training Room.  I am with very fit men and women and I push myself harder.”

Marlene had dropped 10 more pounds during the challenge and won the award for the greatest improvement in bench-press.  This was her first time to win anything athletically! Plus she expanded her community and met many new, like-minded people.  Connecting with younger people also inspired her. Participating also took away the stigma of age, pre-existing conditions and fear.

MarleneInBodyDSC_8766According to Marlene, “at age 61 I can start over, start fresh, begin again!”

Growing up in Iowa on a farm, Marlene was not encouraged to exercise.  Several of her relatives struggled with heart and health issues with a shortened life.  Not Marlene! A healthy active lifestyle was something she had to create for herself.
Marlene, her husband Rick and children Mike and wife, Stephanie, Marcus, Madeline and Lexi have always been a fitness family.  In fact, Rick and Marlene met when they joined Denver Sporting Club as singles in the eighties and not too long after, became marriage number 13 at that club. In 1987, they became Charter Members at Greenwood Athletic and Tennis Club.  Marlene was pregnant with their first child at the time.

Marlene shares how Greenwood has meant different things throughout the years to her:

  • When the kids were little they would stay in Kids’ Club which gave her my hour of peace
  • Her husband Rick would take them in the evening to swim and Marlene could have her quiet time at home. Rick and the kids have many fond memories of that time together, jumping in the pool, exercising, playing basketball
  • When her kids were on sports teams, they would use GATC to supplement their workouts

Marlene’s kids are now out on their own, but they still enjoy coming here when they come home to visit

Marlene’s attitude is her family health history is not going to get her; she is POWERFIT GROUP 2DSC_8623going to get it! Marlene says, “I sometimes see people here struggling and I hope they stick with it. I changed my habits and eating and pecked away at it – slow and steady.  Not only with exercise but giving up sugar one day at a time. I got down to 110.  If I can do it, anyone can do it!”


Marlene has had her own interior design firm since 1981. One of the residences that she designs will be featured soon in Colorado Expression Magazine.

Marlene also says, “I consider it a really good day if I have connected with all six family members and I work at that.  I also enjoy reading and going to the art museum but my time at GATC, is my core, my grounding.  I get away from business and at the same time have my best ideas while working out.  The endorphins are in overdrive and I get this creative burst.
I see myself and my body, as a sculpture. I am able to sculpt it to what I want. I want to be active and fit.”

What is Marlene’s next challenge?

Marlene says, “I bench-pressed 100 pounds and now my goal is 110. Rob is helping me build upper-body strength. I have never been able to do a pull-up and I did it for the first time last week in PowerFit class.  I just couldn’t believe it. This week I did TWO pull-ups! It is only just the beginning.”

Are you ready to start working out? Visit GreenwoodGuestPass.com to receive a three day pass!




Women’s Remodel Update June 23

PHASE 3 is underway!

  • Temporary showers have been installed and are working. They may require a bit of adjustment as temperatures fluctuate slightly during shower times
  • Seven family locker room showers and one dressing room are available for your use
  • The main dry vanity mirrors have been corrected; we are still waiting for additional magnifying mirrors
  • The LED track lights have arrived and will be switched out on Friday, June 24. The new LED lights will decrease the amount of heat coming from the lights and will brighten up the mirrors for better visibility. The ceiling lights will be dimmed to decrease the back light, therefore reducing shadows and glare
  • Ceiling, walls and slab have all been demo’d. They have begun demolition on the whirlpool
  • Underground plumbing is currently being installed and we anticipate pouring the new slab next week
  • We have a revised trash door for the main dry vanity millwork and will be testing it’s functionality
  • Please use the suit mate located in the family locker room to extract your swimsuit

Thank you for your patience and cooperation as we make improvements to the club. Please do not hesitate to contact me with questions.



Women’s Locker Room Update June 17

PHASE 3 is under way!

  • Three temporary showers have been installed
  • Seven additional showers and one dressing room are available for your use in the family locker room
  • Demolition of the showers and whirlpool started Wednesday, June 15
  • The lounge, dry sauna and steam room will not be available during construction
  • The scale has been relocated in the women’s locker room
  • Please use the suit mate located in the family locker room to extract your swimsuit
  • Access to the pools is through the lower CV area


  • The mirrors have been corrected
  • The LED lighting has been delayed an additional week
  • We are considering options for the trash doors in the main dry vanity millwork

Thank you for your patience and cooperation. Have a great week!

Women’s Locker Room Remodel Update June 14




  • Showers and whirlpool will be closed for remodel
  • No access to dry sauna, steam or lounge during remodel
  • Three temporary showers have been installed in the wet vanity area
  • Seven family locker room showers and one dressing room are
    available for use
  • Start date is Wednesday, June 15.
    Estimated opening early September


  • The temporary showers will be removed
  • Both sides of the vanity will be remodeled to match the new main dry vanity
  • All work will be performed after hours
  • The women’s locker room will closed Monday-Thursday at 9:00pm
  • Anyone using the club between 9:00 and 10:00pm must use the
    family locker rooms
  • Estimated three weeks to complete with approximate start date of Thursday, September 15

We realize the inconvenience placed on female members during the remodel. Thank you in advance for your patience as we make your club even better! Please refer to our construction blog for updates. Owner, architect and contractor (OAC) meetings are held
each Thursday and updates will be posted on Fridays.

Women’s Locker Room Update June 10

The Main Dry Vanity is open!

  • The lighting and mirrors are temporary
  • The new mirrors will be installed on Monday, June 13. The LED strip lighting is still on order
  • We have a punch list of items that need to be corrected. All work will be performed after hours
  • There is a new handicap station with a lower counter and mirror


  • Three temporary showers will be installed in the wet vanity area
  • All work will be performed after hours
  • The temporary showers will be operational on Tuesday, June 14
  • The women’s locker room will close Monday-Thursday at 9:00pm through Monday, June 13
  • The showers will remain until the completion of Phase 3


  • The temporary walls will be installed on Monday, June 13
  • The showers, whirlpool, dry sauna, steam room and lounge will be closed for approximately three months
  • Access to the pools will be through the lower cardiovascular area
  • The three temporary showers along with seven family locker room showers will be available for women to shower
  • Phase 3 will begin with demolition of the entire wet area. All of this work will be performed after hours due to dust and noise. We anticipate a two week demolition

Thank you for your patience and cooperation during the remodel.