Exercise routines can be complicated, intimidating and downright confusing for
those stepping into the weight room for the first time. Training the body is simply identifying natural movement and training the body along those natural movements. When broken down, the human body moves in only a few different ways: squatting, bending, lunging, pushing, pulling or twisting. By combining these moves, we can effectively create five exercises that target all the main movements and work the whole body.

The five exercises are:

single leg dl 21. Single Leg Deadlifts: Simply stand upright balancing on one leg, keeping the leg off the ground as straight as possible. Bend at the waist and reach with your opposite hand to try and touch the foot on the ground. Keep your leg that is off the ground as in line with your torso as you can to get a good stretch for the hamstrings.

BOX SQUAT2. Box Squats: Squatting is a movement we perform all the time. Squat stand with your calves lightly touching a box and push your hips backwards like you are sitting in a chair, doing your best to keep your upper body as upright as possible and your back flat. As soon as you touch the box with the back of your legs, push through the middle of your foot to stand upright again. The lower the box, the harder the movement will be.

dumbell rowpush up and down both (1)3. Dumbbell Rows: Place the left hand and knee on a bench with the hand positioned at the top of the bench and the knee near the bottom, keeping the back as flat as possible. The right leg will remain somewhat straight while the right arm is holding a dumbbell that you will pull straight up to your right hip. Simply switch arms and legs for the other side.

4. Push-ups: Start by lying on your stomach and placing your hands pressed into the ground near your armpits. Keeping your entire body flat, push through the arms and chest to straighten your arms until only your hands and toes are on the ground. Lower to the ground under control to perform one repetition. Start from your knees to make the exercise easier until you feel ready to progress.

medballtwistVERT5. Medicine Ball Lunge and Twist: Holding a medicine ball in front of your chest, step forward with one leg and sink down until you have a 90 degree bend at the ankle, knee and hip with your torso completely upright. The back leg should have similar 90 degree bend as the front leg. When the back knee is almost touching the ground, pause and rotate the torso so the medicine ball goes over the front leg before returning to the middle and pushing through the ball of the front foot to return to a standing position. Repeat for the other leg to complete one repetition.

Matt Weems, GATC Personal Trainer



We are happy to announce the locker room will be completed by the end of the month:

  • Wall and ceiling tile 10/16
  • Millwork 10/16
  • Solid surface tops 10/21
  • Whirlpool tile 10/22
  • Whirlpool mixing valve to allow for the new autofill feature 10/20. This new feature allows the level of the water to stay consistent and no manual fill.
  • Shower and sink fixtures installing 10/13
  • Shower doors 10/19
  • Shower corner shelves and wall caps 10/19 and 10/20
  • New shampoo, conditioner and body wash dispensers by 10/23. (We have new upgraded, spa-level products in Eucalyptus and Green Tea Lemongrass.)
  • New bottle filler/drinking fountain added in the shower hallway next to the existing towel shelf/drop 10/23

The temporary wall will be removed by 10/23 to finish the dry vanity, carpet, ceiling, lights and extended tile. We added a new towel shelf as you come out of the showers and extended the floor tile in the transition hallways because the carpet in those locations used to stay wet and then discolor. This tiling will be done over two nights, so as not to disrupt members whose lockers are in this area.

Thank you all for your patience and cooperation as we near the end of this extensive remodel. We are almost there!

Updates for the men’s locker room remodel (10/12/15):

  • Updates for the men’s locker room remodel:
  • Floor and ceiling tile completed by the end of this week
  • Millwork installed last week
  • Solid surface tops expected October 19
  • All lighting and fixtures completed this week
  • Whirlpool tile still in process
  • Custom shower doors have been ordered
  • All new body wash, shampoo and conditioner dispensers have been delivered
  • New product schedule to arrive beginning of next week

We anticipate the temporary construction wall to come down by next week allowing for the final push in the project which involves the ceiling grid and tile, lighting, carpet, and skim and paint the dry side of the whirlpool wall tile.

Men’s Locker Room Remodel Update – 9/15/2015

We are on the final stretch of the men’s locker room remodel! The estimated completion date is mid-October to early November and we hope to narrow that time frame shortly.


  • The main dry vanity is in the demolition phase and will begin construction this week
  • Dry wall is complete
  • The whirlpool took 19 cubic yards of shotcrete to fill!
  • Sprinklers have been relocated and replaced
  • We are waiting on completion of the duct work to schedule inspection and close the ceiling
  • The next BIG milestone will be the start of tile work

Please remember, men have access to the women’s whirlpool/steam through Saturday, September 19. Access will return to women on Sunday, September 20. Thank you.

Men’s Locker Room Remodel Update 9/3/15

New completion date is scheduled for mid-October through early November. We anticipate decreasing the range as we progress with the project.

The main dry vanity is scheduled for demolition Monday, September 14 and will be closed for the remainder of the project. The lockers across from the dry vanity will still be available for use.

Important updates:

  • Drywall will start next week
  • The whirlpool shotcrete pour is scheduled for next Wednesday
  • All MEP inspections have gone according to plan
  • The next time the men will be able to use the women’s whirlpool/steam is Sunday, September 13 through Saturday, September 19

Thank you.

UPDATES FROM OAC (owner/architect/contractor) MEETING

I hope many of you have been able to enjoy access to the women’s whirlpool and steam room this past week. I want to thank the ladies for their support through this process. As a reminder the whirlpool and steam room will be accessible to WOMEN ONLY beginning Sunday, August 23. The next time the whirlpool/steam will be accessible to men is Sunday, September 13.


  • CMU block for shower walls is complete
  • MEP rough in for walls are in progress
  • Ceiling framing in the shower area is complete
  • We did discover a 28 year old cast iron pipe that was cracked and will be replaced along with the cast iron pipe in the same area
  • The whirlpool building work begins today. As an FYI….the whirlpool holds 2342 gallons of water!
  • All cabinet shops have been reviewed, returned and are in progress
  • No lead times on any items including plumbing fixtures and lighting

Please remember, the construction zone is a hard hat area and absolutely no admittance by members is allowed. This is a liability and your presence simply interrupts their work and slows down the process. Thank you.

Men’s Locker Room Remodel Update 8/13/15

We met Thursday afternoon at our OAC (owner/architect/contractor) meeting and I am happy to say we are on schedule. All work is currently happening during regular hours of operation and we have various subs in at different times. The GC (General Contractor) is on site nearly 10 hours each day, Monday – Friday.


  • Slab has been poured
  • CMU block is laid
  • Framing will be complete tomorrow
  • Submittals for millwork are expected tomorrow
  • All tile is on site
  • Whirlpool plans are with Tri-County Health and Greenwood Village building department
  • No big lead items holding us up at this time

Please be sure and read the information related to access for the men to the women’s whirlpool and steam room.

Thank you, Paula